Gastronomia Food Grade Paper Wrap 15 Inches 200 Count

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  • You will get these Gastronomia paper wraps in a 200-count box

  • These paper wraps measure 15 inches long by 11 inches wide

  • These paper wraps have a newspaper design so they are very beautiful and chic

  • These paper wraps are made from paper

  • Our gorgeous paper wraps are disposable and recyclable

  • Color : Kraft

  • Size : 15"

This Gastromonia Food Grade Paper Wrap, 15 inches, is made out of premium, food safe material, it is perfect to use for wrapping up all kinds of culinary treats including: sandwiches, proteins and everything in between. It is very important to use the proper wrap when it comes to wrapping our special treats in our food environments, which is why it is vital to have this wrap in your hands when it comes to wrapping up all your culinary creations. Try it out today, you are sure to be happy and satisfied by its quality and durability.