Filtered Hand Held Shower Head With Vitamin C By Ronaqua, Filter Removes Hard Water And Chlorine, Prevents Dry Skin And Hair, 8 Settings, Water Saving, Easy To Install (Pink)

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  • ELIMINATE EXPOSURE TO CHLORINE AND OTHER HARMFUL SUBSTANCES: A real booster offered to you by Ronaqua Showerhead Filter. Avoid the multiple health hazards that can be caused by coming into contact with chlorine or pesticides that water may contain and protect the health of your respiratory system, among others.

  • YOUR PERSONAL REVITALIZING SPA TREATMENT: Chlorine and other hard chemicals are also responsible for hair and skin dryness that apart from beauty reasons may lead to serious cases of rashes and skin irritations. Removing these chemicals will enable your body and hair to maintain their natural moisturizing oils and leave your body smooth and your hair soft and easy to handle.

  • ENJOY SOFT, PURIFIED WATER: This shower head filter will soften your tap water, allowing you to enjoy a more revitalizing shower experience with improved lathering. Your shower water will be cleaner and prevent the development of dangerous fungi and mold, responsible for many allergies. Suitable for Men, Women, Children and Pets.

  • NEWEST 2016 DESIGN. 7 SHOWER MODES: Rainfall, Massage, Sauna, Tonic, Rain-Massage, Rain-Sauna and Rain-tonic & 3 Layers of Filters with Vitamin C to Get a Spa Shower Experience in Your Bathroom. GREAT FOR WHOLE FAMILY. With this choice of settings it's great for washing babies and bathing pets.

  • EASY INSTALLATION and WATER SAVE. Connect to any Standard Hose in Seconds, and You're Ready To Go (Hose not Included). RISK FREE We offer 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

  • Color : Pink

Did you know that you absorb more chlorine through your skin, eyes, and respiratory system, while taking a shower, than from any other activity you do all day?

Shower water is said to contain the same, if not more, quantity of chlorine as pool water. This Shower Head will eliminate the chlorine substance from the water, keeping the skin and hair healthy. At the shower, the Vitamin C balls will release a large Vitamin C portion for skin at water. It gives the skin more shine and flexibility. It releases far infrared, improves the water's dissolving power, clearing power and penetrability. It is also good for eliminating the dirt in the depth-skin, and supplements the moisture content for skin. It releases negative ion, improves the lungs air exchange and the metabolism. Why have an allergy source in your bathroom when you can eliminate possible health hazards by simply installing this useful tool?

Top Performance And Efficiency

It's one of a kind multi-filtration system that will keep a wide range of harmful chemicals away from your shower water and eventually your organism.

Improve cleansing effect and hair loss prevention

Negative ionic shower heads activate the water to effectively wash away oil that clogs up the hair follicles and suffocates the hair.

Such a Simple Thing To Do - So Beneficial The Results

Simple and easy to install you cannot imagine how different will become your daily personal care with this universal shower-head filter. So many benefits coming from a small and compact gadget.

Offer The Best To Your Loved Ones

Protect your family from conditions that could have been easily avoided and offer them the chance to enjoy water that will skyrocket their showering experience.

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