Continental Pilsner Homebrew Beer Ingredient Kit

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  • Contents: Ingredients, Priming Sugar, Grain Bag(s), Bottle Caps, Brewing Procedures

  • Fermentables: 3.3 lbs Pilsen LME, 2.0 lbs Pilsen DME

  • Specialty Grains: 12 oz Pilsen, 8 oz Carapils

  • Hops: .5 oz Brewers Gold Bittering, .5 oz Mt. Ranier Flavoring, .25 oz German Tradition Aroma

  • Yeast: 1 Sachet

  • Color : Yellow

One of the world's classic beer styles, this recipe is best enjoyed when lagered. Pilsner malt extract produces a straw color. A dry beer that finishes with ample hop bitterness. This kit includes a lager yeast that will also perform well if fermented at ale temperatures.