1 lb Prime Unscented Aroma Beads

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These are 1 lb of Prime Unscented aroma beads. Warning: These are not a toy and are not to be consumed. These may be Fatal if Swallowed. Keep Away from Children and Pets. Aroma Beads are small clear plastic poly beads that absorb up to 30% of their weight in fragrance oil. This fragrance can last up to six months, depending on the fragrance oil used, They can be left raw or placed into a mold and formed to make a shape. If using for scented beads, we recommend 1.5-2 oz of fragrance oils per lb of beads, depending on the fragrance chosen. Always remember you can add to it, but you can never take away. To mix the fragrance and beads, place the beads and fragrance in a sealed container and shake. DO NOT USE a ziploc bag. It may take anywhere from 2 hrs to 5 days for the oil to be completely absorbed. Shake every few hours for the full absorption of the fragrance. These are used to make aroma bead ornaments. These are also prime beads. We have gone to prime because this can ensure you get the same quality bead each and every time. No need to adjust your cooking times or your recipes if you get the same product. Beads may have a slight glue smell due to processing\Manufacturing process. This will dissipate after a day or so and the oil added will cover the smell.